Build an Arduino-based Web Server Statistics Display

For those of you administering a web server and looking for a low-power way to keep an eye on the server statistics without running another display, Kerry Wong’s solution may be of interest. He has designed an Arduino-based solution that receives data from his linux server including uptime, IP address, load, date/time and hits – which is then displayed on a 16×2 character LCD:

As you can see the hardware is home-brewed, however you can make use of ourArduino-compatible hardware and LCD display shield to save time and create a neater solution. Or for the statistically-paranoid administrators, feed the data to one of our LED dot matrix display units:

Either way, the author has presented all the server-side and Arduino code for you to work with as well as a detailed set of instructions. So visit the site of Kerry D. Wongand enjoy the project. 


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