Simple DIY Arduino-based oscilloscope

Although some readers may immediately think “Oh no – an Arduino can’t be an oscilloscope!” – however in some cases it can be so. A fascinating engineer has published in detail how to make a simple DC oscilloscope using an Arduino-style board with an LCD from a Nokia mobile phone. He has backed this up with complete design details as well as this surprisingly long and informative video:


In the words of the author:

I don’t claim that this device can replace actual test equipment but it might be useful and for $40.00 bucks in total parts it is a blast to play with.


And that is the best part – you can learn about programming, electronics and test equipment when reading about and recreating such projects. In doing so one realises the benefit and simplicity of using the Arduino platform for educational projects such as these. For those looking to recreate this project or others in a small physical space, consider our Leostick – one of the smallest Arduino-compatible boards with onboard USB available:

In the meanwhile for more project information visit the author’s website


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