RGB Lamp controlled by Android, Arduino and Bluetooth

 A Polish electronics enthusiast has created an artistic RGB (red, green and blue) lamp that is controlled via an app he created for his Android phone. The communication to the lamp is via Bluetooth, where the signals are interpreted by the Arduino hardware that controls the LEDs. The app is quite detailed, for example:

And the lamp itself is large and quite bright – considering the number of LEDs:

The author has made available the Arduino sketches, Android code and even Eagle source files for hardware guidance. Once again, projects such as this show how easy it is to integrate various platforms (in this case Arduino and Android) to create some interesting effects.

 If you are interested in experimenting with various aspects of this project, we have a range of equipment including our USBDroid – the Arduino-Uno compatible board with onboard Android USB host:

and our range of modules which includes a daisy-chainable RGB LED module:

For more information, a demonstration video and details about the lamp project – visit the site here (opens in Google Translate). 


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