Change playing shared music by throwing things at a poster

Michael Robinson works in an office with music playing in the open, and sometimes people didn’t agree with the currently-playing music track. To enable some democracy and office mayhem with regards to the choice of music, he created the “Change the tuner” poster. Simply this is a poster which has a piezo knock sensor behind it – and once an object hits the poster, the sensor sends a signal to an Arduino board which changes the track of the music player via USB. For example:


Although not fully documented, the project can be easily replicated. A piezo can be measured with an Arduino analogue input, and then send commands as a keyboard via USB as described in this article. Apart from using one of our range of Arduino-compatible boards, you can bring this project to life with our SOUND: sound and buzzer module which is perfect for knock detection:

For more information and inspiration, visit Michael’s site here


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