Build a simple Arduino-controlled Sunrise Lamp

By modifying a simple LED lamp, ‘PKM’ has created a simple ‘Sunrise Lamp’. These types of lamps turn on slowly, starting from darkenss and slowly increasing brightness until operating at full power – emulating the effects of the rising sun. Using these is said to be relaxing and help people wake up in a natural method – without having to deal with the “shocks” of turning lights on early in the morning. Here is his example in action:

… however other forms of LEDs could be used.  Unfortunately the original design relies on an external time switch, but the design could be easily modified with a real-time clock module to allow for accurate internal timekeeping and control. For more information visit the instructions here. To get started with your own Arduino-based projects, consider our Freetronics Eleven – the Arduino-Uno compatible with low-profile USB socket, onboard prototyping space to add the real-time clock module and easy to view LEDs:



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