Play Atari 2600 with NES Controller via Arduino

 If you are a vintage video game conoisseur and Arduino enthusiast – here’s the project for you. ‘danjovic’ found himself with a bunch of Atari 2600s but no working joysticks, but he did have something else … so using an Arduino-compatible board and some simple circuitry, he designed a method to command an Atari 2600 with an original Nintendo Entertainment System controller. 

You have to congratulate someone for having such a high level of tenacity to build such an interface. The project could also lend itself to automated Arduino-control of the Atari game – you could program in a set of ‘perfect moves’ and just sit back. Either way, check out the designs here. When you need to fit an Arduino-compatible board inside a small controller – there’s only one solution: the Freetronics LeoStick – one of the smallest Arduino-compatibles  on the market with onboard USB, RGB LED and piezo:



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