Experimental interactive animations with Arduino and Animata

Using an Arduino board, various hardware, and a real-time connection back to a PC running Animata – a real-time animation editor, Matti has devised what could be descibed as a futuristic interactive artwork piece or a nightmare generator. The system is loosely mounted on a vintage Viewmaster, and contains an accelerometer which measures your head movements. This data is sent back to the PC to help generate the interactive animations. For more see the following video:


For more information and details – hit up the project site here. And we’re on twitter, so follow us for news and product updates as well. 

When creating your own Arduino-embedded projects and size is important, consider using our Freetronics LeoStick. Apart from being one of the smallest Arduino-compatibles on the market with USB, it also has an onboard RGB LED and piezo for sound and knock detection: 


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