DIY Arduino-controlled router lathe

Now for a project on a grander scale, a router lathe that’s controlled by an Arduino. Using a variety of motor controls, some heavier duty circuitry and a lot of work, Chris now has a router lathe with a ~14 cm swing over the bed and ~83 cm between centres. Considering the magnitude of this project, it’s great to see him succeed and have a working product, for example:


With some preplanning and careful measuring you could automate many wood-turning designs for some fascinating hand-free work. For more information, follow Chris’ series about the lathe from here. And we’re on twitter and Google+, so follow us for news and product updates as well.


When experimenting with your Arduino board and larger projects, it can be difficult and time consuming to mess about connecting wires of various sizes to the board. To make this easier, consider using our Freetronics Terminal Shield for Arduino – which neatly solves the problem:

Apart from having a larger than normal prototyping area, there are terminal blocks for every Arduino pin, three LEDs for general use and a reset button on the shield. Great for experimenting and fast I/O connections – so order yours today


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