New Products – Solderless Breadboard Range

When you’re working on prototypes, experimenting or teaching others about the world of electronics – you can never have enough solderless breadboards. Therefore we’re now stocking them in three sizes, starting with the mini breadboard with self-adhesive back:

Available in six colours and transparent, it has 170 tie points (17 pairs of rows, each with 5 points) and fits nicely onto a ProtoShield. Next we have the medium, transparent breadboard again with the self-adhesive back:

This model has 400 tie points (300 as cross-connected rows, 100 as power distribution rails), and be easily clipped together to form larger sizes. However if you need to go large, there’s our largest transparent model with 830 tie points (630 as cross-connected rows, 200 as power distribution rails) that can also be clipped together:

All of these can find a home in any prototype, and are also great for extending the projects found in our Experimenter’s Kit for Arduino:

These are only a few of the new products coming in 2013 – so stay tuned by following us on twitter and Google+ for news and product updates.


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