Create visual effects with coloured water and Arduino

 After seeing the effect of water being vibrated as it came out of a hose, Arduino forum member “focalist” decided to create his version using an Arduino, a servo and some simple circuitry. By adding fluorescent colouring to water which is then passed through a tube with the end controlled by a servo, it can be seen at night when a blacklight is shined on the liquid. Then with the Arduino commanding the servo, various effects can be generated, for example:


That’s a whole box of awesome, so head over to the Arduino forum for more information and discussion. And for more, we’re on twitter and Google+, so follow us for news and product updates as well.

If you found the project above interesting – but not sure how to start with Arduino – then the best way to learn is with our Experimenter’s Kit for Arduino:

The package includes a wide variety of parts, sensors and modules including: a servo motor, lights, buttons, switches, sound, sensors, breadboard, wires and more. Furthermore a Freetronics Eleven Arduino-compatible board is included to make this an extensive hobby experimenter, inventor and starter kit. However we don’t leave you alone to figure it all out, included is a great project and instruction booklet, plus access to a supporting web page and software examples. In other words – this is everything you need to get started for a fun range of electronics and Arduino related projects! 

So to get started or for more information and to order, check out the product page.


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